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What's new on the web site?

May 15, 2010 Well, we're back in Bellevue for the winter, and possibly longer. I've restarted my blog so I have a place to scream where no one and everyone can hear it.

December 31, 2007 After a long process, Bonnie and I have decided to put our beloved Tortola home on the market. Our long range plans have changed, and this is, unfortunately, the result. You can view information about the house and its sale on our sales offering website or on our broker's site . Happy New Year!

January 1, 2007: Well, the weather appears to have settled down in the Seattle area and here in the BVI. We're looking forward to seeing several friends and relatives down here in the next few months. Happy New Year!

November 28, 2006: On the eve of our departure for the BVI, I added the new image query capability. You can search by date and description. Give it a try.

August 4, 2006: In the passing of Tropical Storm "Chris", the wonks at the University of Colorado have announced that this hurricane season should be a bit calmer than previously predicted. One can only hope.

August 4, 2006: I think I've completed the conversion to Microsoft's new Visual Studio 2005 "Web Application Project" format. Whew! It was an ordeal the first time around, but I think I have the knack. If anything is broken, please send me email ASAP.

February 14, 2005: After using Mozilla Firefox for a while, I decided to tackle some of the compatibilty and appearance issues between IE6 and Firefox.  Hopefully they are resolved now. 

December 15, 2004: Due to greatly increased activity due to my MuseOn plug-in for Windows Media Player, I redesigned the site to require logging on to view certain links and sections.  See the Log On Information Page for more details.

July 24, 2004:  I just completed moving to a new, 2.4gHz computer.   Please email me if anything seems amiss.

June 12, 2004: We just added a links page (see menu bar above) to help keep track of friends and family.

June 1, 2004: As to the remnants of the update, there's really only one I haven't touched yet, and that's Bonnie's Groupwyse site.   This may come this summer.  Bonnie and I will probably be playing with the styles and colors of these pages, so things may change a bit for the next few months.

Be sure to read the usage information, since there really is a small sort of design intention behind these changes.


Bonnie and David Hovel's Web Site