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The recipies on this page are from David, Bonnie and David's father, John Hovel.

Just click on the name of the recipe to view the PDF file in your browser.

Eggplant alla Parmagiana

This classic dish can take a while to prepare, but it's a real pleaser.  Not for the low fat or low carb crowd, but great for a mixed group of vegetarians and meat chompers.

Shrimp Vinaigrette

A wonderful Basque "botana", it can be used as an appetizer or "amuse bouche" between courses.   It's easy, but it does require a lot of patient chopping.

Dry B-B-Q Sauce

More a powder than a sauce, I use it to coat pork or chicken (or even lamb, in a pinch).  It helps keep the meat from sticking to the grill and provides a seasoned "zip" that's lacking in bottled BBQ sauces.   If you want to use your favorite bottled sauce also, wait until about about five minutes before the meat is ready to brush it on.  One of the purposes of the dry sauce is to prevent the scorching and carbonization that occur when tomato sauce and sugar hit a hot grill.