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This page contains links to software written by David Hovel (for GroupWyse Software).  They require the Microsoft .Net Frameworks which is always installed on today's Windows systems. Remember, all the software here is unsupported, and you install and use any of them at your own risk. While I do try to make things work well, there's no guarantee that every feature will work every time.

When you download the installer for one of the applications, you will be given a choice of running the installation remotely ("Open") or copying the installation file to your computer ("Save").  Please use the save option: save the file to your machine, then located it and run it after downloading has completed.

Software Available for Demonstration Purposes
PingView:  Graphical "ping" program for checking internet connection stability.  Alerts you when your connection has failed or is restored.  PingView is "network aware"and understands how components are linked.  Comes complete with a configuration wizard.
ChordEdit:  Easily create music "memory sheets"  with chords and lyrics lined up nicely.

Downloading and Using PingView


PingView is a program I wrote when our DSL was flaky.  It verifies Internet connectivity by "pinging" (sending special diagnostic messages) to local or remote computers.   It has a configuration "wizard" for quick setup. 

Because it is "hierarchical", it understands or can be shown the network relationships between computers.  So if a key component like a wireless access point fails, PingView doesn't try to contact network elements that are "beyond" your access point. 

You can configure it to play sounds when events happen, such as the connection failing or being restored.   In addition, it can maintain log files of Internet connection status and run scripts when the connection status changes.

Download the PingView installer by clicking on the preceding link. Once you've downloaded it to your hard drive, locate it and launch it.  You should see a standard Windows Installer program.

Downloading and Using ChordEdit


I wrote ChordEdit because I got tired of scribbling chord names on lyric sheets or trying to force Microsoft Word to perform unnatural acts of alignment. ChordEdit lets you enter the chords and lyrics in a simple text editor and generates nicely aligned HTML governed by a somewhat esoteric CSS style sheet.

Since the result is HTML, you can print the results using Internet Explorer, Firefox or any other browser you choose.

To use ChordEdit, download its ZIP file and unpack it into a set of folders.  Then just run ChordEdit.exe from the top-level folder.  It comes complete with documentation, sample songs and instructions for un-installation.