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This page contains links to small "how-to" and "what about" articles David has written.  They are intended for non-technical people and try to explain modern computer issues in the simplest possible terms.

Please note that although we have tried to verify everything stated here, some information may be incorrect and other data may be outdated.  We are not liable for any problems that may occur in utilizing information contained in these articles.

To access the PDF (Adobe Acrobat) version of the article, just click on the heading link.  If you don't have a recent version, connect to Adobe's web site to download one. 

What are the Internet and the World-wide Web?

This article explains the difference between the Internet and the Web, and what exactly it is that an Internet Service Provider does for you.

How to Set up Wireless Networking

The easy way to set up wireless (802.11x) networking in your home or elsewhere.  What to watch out for and what to do to protect yourself.

Setting up a Home Network with Internet Support

How to manage multiple computers at home.  Contains some of the do's and dont's involving security and Microsoft's various operating systems.

Practicing Safe Surfing, or How to Survive on the Internet

The main article on how to protected your information and your computer on the Internet.

Setting up a Home Web Site

This web site runs in my basement; yours can, too, if you want.  It explains how to run a small web site over DSL, cable modem or dial-up.  This article is only for those who are not afraid of computer reconfiguration and diagnostic problem solving. 

Configuring for BVI Cable and Wireless

If you're going to the British Virgin Islands, here's how to configure your laptop to use BVI Cable and Wireless.  And how to reconfigure when you return home.