Software Tools, Technologies and Platforms


Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP 15 years experience in several languages and all aspects of user-level Win32 programming.   Working in the original Windows NT for 3 years building networking interface components.
Linux Experienced in basic Linux administration and configuration. I use C++/C and Mono (C#) using Glade the GtK+ under Gnome and KDE.
Microsoft Internet Information Server Built several web sites using Visual Studio 2003/2005, Front Page, SQL Server 2005, Microsoft Access, ODBC and many graphical and programming tools.
Microsoft .NET Wide experience with .NET 1.1, 2.0, Visual Studio 2003, 2005 and Mono under Linux. I have built several significant applications using C#, including legacy COM objects, graphical controls and XML, as well as extensive experience with ASP.NET and SQL data connections.

Tools and Technologies

C/C++ 15 years of development in C++ including templates and modern syntactic additions.
C# (Mono) Complete proficiency with 2.0 and 1.1 .NET SDK.  Experience with command line applications, Windows Forms and ASP.NET.
Microsoft Visual Basic In-depth utilization since the inception of the language, including many projects involving VB/COM interfaces to C++ DLLs.
Microsoft COM/COM+ Extensive experience with COM usage from Visual Basic and C++; specific focus on ATL-based servers and client.
Java Have written several smaller Java projects for various experimental prototypes.
XML, XSLT Extensive background in XML implementation, including Microsoft MSXML version 3 incorporating XML schema.   Wrote various projects using XSLT via Internet Explorer and Saxon.   Familiar with XPATH, SOAP and other related technologies.
HTML, JavaScript, VB Script Have developed several web applications involving these technologies in both HTML and ASP formats.
SQL, ODBC and database development Extensive familiarity with SQL and Microsoft database access components software, such as ADO and OLEDB.
Microsoft Internet Explorer Experienced in extending and embedding IE and its components into other software systems.
Microsoft Office Extensive end-user experience with the Office suite, including Front Page, Access, Visio and Outlook.   Some development experience using COM automation object libraries for Outloook, Word, Access and Excel.
Windows Installer Experienced with the Windows Installer (MSI) SDK; experienced with InstallShield for Windows Installer, wrote several custom action-based installation packages.
HTML Help Authoring Familiar with Blue Sky's RoboHelp HTML help authoring environment.
PERL 9+ years experience in Perl and Active Perl.
Prolog 15+ years experience in Prolog and other symbolic and logical language frameworks.
Assembly Language More years than I wish to admit, on many systems that no longer exist.

Additional Areas of Interest

Audio Extensively familiar with standard audio production technologies, including Sony Media's Vegas, Acid, Sound Forge, and other similar tools.   MIDI production using Cakewalk's SONAR.   General knowledge of audio recording, production and mastering.
Video Familiar with prosumer DV equipment, standard NTSC video production, non-linear video editing tools, synchronization and audio.
Music Guitar, piano, composition, theory.
Graphics Generally familiar with computer-based graphical rendering tools.
Languages Fluent in Spanish and French.